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Home Research Topics Microsaccades Laubrock et al. (2010, APP). When do microsaccades follow spatial attention?

Laubrock et al. (2010, APP). When do microsaccades follow spatial attention?


{jcomments off}Laubrock, J., Kliegl, R., Rolfs, M. & Engbert, R. (2010). When do microsaccades follow spatial attention? Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 72, 683-694.

Following up on an exchange about the relation between microsaccades and spatial attention (Horowitz, Fenc- sik, Fine, Yurgenson, & Wolfe, 2007; Horowitz, Fine, Fencsik, Yurgenson, & Wolfe, 2007; Laubrock, Engbert, Rolfs, & Kliegl, 2007), we examine the effects of selection criteria and response modality. We show that for Posner cuing with saccadic responses, microsaccades go with attention in at least 75% of cases (almost 90% if probability matching is assumed) when they are first (or only) microsaccades in the cue–target interval and when they occur between 200 and 400 msec after the cue. The relation between spatial attention and the direction of microsaccades drops to chance level for unselected microsaccades collected during manual-response conditions. Analyses of data from four cross-modal cuing experiments demonstrate an above-chance, intermediate link for visual cues, but no systematic relation for auditory cues. Thus, the link between spatial attention and direction of microsaccades depends on the experimental condition and time of occurrence, but it can be very strong.


Note: analyses were performed partly in Matlab and partly in R. Figure 1 was created using the open source graph visualization software Graphviz from AT&T Research.


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Download this file (Laubrock_et_al_AttPercPsychophys_2010_72_683.tar.gz)Laubrock_et_al_AttPercPsychophys_2010_72_683.tar.gz[Archive of all files][ ]3715 Kb17/09/2010 10:19
Download this file (Atten Percept Psychophys-2010-Laubrock-683-94.pdf)Atten Percept Psychophys-2010-Laubrock-683-94.pdf[ ][0]984 Kb15/09/2010 14:18
Download this file (p0_jl.R)p0.R[from raw data (Posner2006_2.sac) to Posner2006_2,rda][0]15 Kb15/09/2010 19:39
Download this file (p1.R)p1.R[ ][0]2 Kb15/09/2010 19:41
Download this file (p2.R)p2.R[ ][0]1 Kb15/09/2010 19:42
Download this file (p3.R)p3.R[ ][0]7 Kb15/09/2010 19:45
Download this file (p4.R)p4.R[ ][0]14 Kb15/09/2010 19:47
Download this file (rt_and_error_summaries_web.R) rt_and_error_summaries.R[Table 1 & results on p.687 f.][1]4 Kb15/09/2010 19:33
Download this file (mscharacteristics.R)mscharacteristics.R[related to Figure 3][10]2 Kb15/09/2010 19:15
Download this file (figure3.R)figure3.R[ ][11]2 Kb15/09/2010 19:20
Download this file (nested_lmer.R)nested_lmer.R[a function needed by some other routines][19]2 Kb15/09/2010 19:36
Download this file (fig1graphviz_short_undirected.pdf)fig1graphviz_short_undirected.pdf[ ][2]11 Kb15/09/2010 14:45
Download this file (fig1graphviz_short_undirected.dot)fig1graphviz_short_undirected.dot[graphviz code to generate Figure 1][2]1 Kb15/09/2010 19:12
Download this file (Posner2006_2.rda)Posner2006_2.rda[ ][data]4543 Kb15/09/2010 19:16
Download this file (sacdat.rda)sacdat.rda[ ][data]2775 Kb15/09/2010 19:48
Download this file (tables.rda)tables.rda[ ][data]37 Kb15/09/2010 19:47
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