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Kliegl, R. (2014). Linear Mixed Models Workshop: Analyses of Experiments with R


Tutorial scripts from linear-mixed-models workshop

The scripts represent the core of seminars and workshops on multivariate statistics for the analyses of experimental data. They have benefited from input by students at the University of Potsdam and participants of workshops at various occasions. Publications serving also as LMM tutorials are filed under "Other Experiments and Analyses" at this website. Feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome. They are "evolving" along with my understanding of the matter, hopefully, and as new versions of software (mostly lme4, ggplot2, plyr packages in R) become available.

We have also started to use two services of RStudio for dissemination of our reproducible research:

RPubs, based on R Markdown;  commented R scripts for publications (e.g., http://rpubs.com/Reinhold/17313) or tutorial R scripts (e.g.,http://rpubs.com/Reinhold/22193)

Shiny;  e.g., a tutorial for shrinkage in linear mixed models: https://pmr2.shinyapps.io/Shrinkage/

Version history

2014: Update from LMM workshops at the Center for Research on Brain, Language, and Music, McGill University, Montreal (March 2014), at the Institute of Psychology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (May 2014), and at the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, Taipei (August 2014).

2013: Update from LMM workshops at the European Conference on Eye Movements, Lund (August 2013), and at the Institute for Behavior Genetics, University of Colorado, Boulder (August 2013).

2012: Update from an LMM workshop at the MARCS, University of Western Sydney (June 2012) and an Introduction to R at the IPU Advanced Research Training Seminar (ARTS), Stellenbosch (July 2012).

2011: Update from LMM workshop at the Department of Psychology, University of Victoria (April 2011).

2010-Aug-10: Start of Potsdam Mind Research Repository w/ material from workshops at the REMICS winter school, Zakopane (February 2009), at the ERASMUS spring school, Blaubeuren (March 2009), at the Sino-German-Center, Beijing (September 2009), at the Department of Cognitive Science, San José, Costa Rica (March 2010), and at the Institute of Cognitive Science, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan (May 2010).


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Download this file (LMM_TutorialScripts.v4.zip)LMM_TutorialScripts.v4.zip[ ][01]10139 Kb20/08/2014 22:04
Download this file (remef.v0.6.10.R)remef.v0.6.10.R[The remef function for R][99]11 Kb05/02/2015 00:01
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