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1 Yan et al. (2019, Cognition). Parafoveal Processing of Semantics and Phonology in Reading of Korean Sentences
2 Li, Wang, Mo, & Kliegl. (2017, QJEP). Contextual Constraint and Preview Time Modulate the Semantic Preview Effect: Evidence from Chinese Sentence Reading.
3 Cajar, Engbert, & Laubrock (2016, Vision Research). Spatial frequency processing
4 Cajar, Schneeweiß, Engbert & Laubrock (2016, Journal of Vision). Coupling of attention and saccades when viewing scenes with central and peripheral degradation
5 Frömer_et al. (2015, PLoS ONE). Are individual differences in reading speed related to extrafoveal visual acuity and crowding
6 Risse & Kliegl (2014, JEP:HPP): Dissociating Preview Validity and Preview Difficulty in Parafoveal Processing of Word n+1 during Reading
7 Hohenstein & Kliegl (2014, JEP:LMC). Semantic preview benefit during reading
8 Risse & Kliegl (2012, JEP:HPP). Evidence for Delayed Parafoveal-on-Foveal Effects From Word n+2 in Reading
9 Yan et al. (2012, JEP:LMC). Lexical and sublexical semantic preview benefits in Chinese reading
10 Kliegl et al. (2013, QJEP). How preview space/time translates into preview cost/benefit for fixation durations during reading
11 Yan et al. (2012, ReadingWriting). Preview Fixation Duration Modulates Identical and Semantic Preview Benefit in Chinese Reading.
12 Risse & Kliegl (2011, PsycholAging). Adult age differences in the perceptual span during reading
13 Hohenstein et al. (2010, JEP:LMC). Semantic preview benefit during reading: A parafoveal fast-priming study.
14 Yan et al. (2010, JEP:HPP). Parafoveal Load of Word N+1 Modulates Preprocessing Effectiveness of Word N+2 in Chinese Reading
15 Yan et al. (2009, PBR). Chinese readers extract semantic information from parafoveal words during reading.
16 Angele et al. (2008, VisualCognition). Parafoveal processing in reading: Manipulating n+1 and n+2 previews simultaneously.
17 Kliegl et al. (2007, JEP:HPP). Preview benefit and parafoveal-on-foveal effects from word n+2.

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