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Home Research Topics Eye Movement Corpus Analysis Feng (2009, JEMR). Time Course and Hazard Function: A Distributional Analysis of Fixation Duration

Feng (2009, JEMR). Time Course and Hazard Function: A Distributional Analysis of Fixation Duration


Feng, G. (2009). Time course and hazard function: A distributional analysis of fixation duration in reading. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 3(2):2, 1-22. http://www.jemr.org/online/3/2/3

Abstract. Reading processes affect not only the mean of fixation duration but also its distribution function. This paper introduces a set of hypotheses that link the timing and strength of a reading process to the hazard function of a fixation duration distribution. Analyses based on large corpora of reading eye movements show a surprisingly robust hazard function across languages, age, individual differences, and a number of processing variables. The data suggest that eye movements are generated stochastically based on a stereotyped time course that is independent of reading variables. High-level reading processes, however, modulate eye movement programming by increasing or decreasing the momentary saccade rate during a narrow time window. Implications to theories and analyses of reading eye movement are discussed.

PS: The author wishes to thank Alan Kennedy for sharing the Dundee English reading eye movement corpus. See the Methods and References sections in the article for more details.

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Download this file (Feng - Hazard Rate paper - jemr-formatted.pdf)Feng (2009, JEMR). Time Course and Hazard Function[Preprint][1]1684 Kb02/10/2010 08:58
Download this file (Dundee-muhaz-hazardmodeling 2.r)Dundee-muhaz-hazardmodeling 2.r[Script for studies involving Dundee corpus][2]17 Kb15/09/2010 00:01
Download this file (MonteCarloStudies.r)MonteCarloStudies.r[Appendix A & B][5]11 Kb15/09/2010 00:02
Download this file (dundee.rda)dundee.rda[Dundee corpus with selected vars][data 1]3138 Kb15/09/2010 00:03
Download this file (study123456.rda)study123456.rda[data for overall fixation duration][data 2]1593 Kb15/09/2010 00:04
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