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Home Research Topics Other Experiments and Analyses Modulation of Additive and Interactive Effects by Trial History Revisited

Modulation of Additive and Interactive Effects by Trial History Revisited


Michael E. J. Masson, Maximilian M. Rabe, & Reinhold Kliegl

Masson and Kliegl (2013) reported evidence that the nature of the target stimulus on the previous trial of a lexical decision task modulates the effects of independent variables on the current trial, including additive versus interactive effects of word frequency and stimulus quality. In contrast, recent re-analyses of previously published data from experiments that, unlike the Masson and Kliegl experiments, did not include semantic priming as a factor, found no evidence for modulation of additive effects of frequency and stimulus quality by trial history (Balota, Aschenbrenner, & Yap, 2013; O'Malley & Besner, 2013). We report two experiments that included semantic priming as a factor and that attempted to replicate the modulatory effects found by Masson and Kliegl. In neither experiment was additivity of frequency and quality modulated by trial history, converging with the findings reported by Balota et al. and O'Malley and Besner. Other modulatory influences of trial history, however, were replicated in the new experiments.

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