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Home Research Topics (Micro-)Saccade detection Engbert et al. (2015) Microsaccade Toolbox for R

Engbert et al. (2015) Microsaccade Toolbox for R


Engbert, R., Sinn, P., Mergenthaler, K., & Trukenbrod, H. (2015) Microsaccade Toolbox

Description The Microsaccade Toolbox is a collection of functions to analyze fixational eye movements based on data recorded via high-resolution (>200 Hz) eye-tracking. The topics implemented in the current version 0.9 are detection of microsaccades, statistical analysis using surrogate data, and random-walk analysis of fixational eye movements. Microsaccade detection is based on an algorithm that implements a velocity threshold to identify (micro)saccades in eye-tracking traces. Statistical tests of microsaccade detection can be performed against phase-randomized surrogate data to evaluate the reliability of the detection threshold and data quality. For more general statistical properties of fixational eye movements, random-walk and box-count analyses are implemented to investigate the interaction between slow fixational eye movements (drift) with microsaccades.

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