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Home Research Topics Eye Movement Corpus Analysis Heister etal. (2012, Chapter). Analysing large datasets of eye movements during reading.

Heister etal. (2012, Chapter). Analysing large datasets of eye movements during reading.


Heister, J., Würzner, K., & Kliegl, R. (2012). Analysing large datasets of eye movements during reading. In James S. Adelman (Ed.), Visual word recognition, volume 2: Meaning and context, individuals and development. (pp. 102-131).  Hove, England: Psychology Press, 2012.

In this chapter, we take an alternative starting point: fixation durations during continuous reading of sentences. We review research based on an analysis of a large corpus of fixation durations which allows the simultaneous consideration of a large number of influences. Such corpus-based reading research departs strongly from the priniciples of orthogonal experimental design, which is the aim of research that draws inferences from measurements of one to three target words (see, e.g.,  Schotter and Rayner, this volume). In the following two sections, we describe conceptual and statistical frameworks for the analyses of eye movements that use fixations on (almost) all words. Within these frameworks, we build on earlier reports about the „big three“ word factors influencing fixation durations (type frequency, predictability from prior sentence context, and word length). We carry out these analyses from a perspective of distributed processing, taking into consideration not only the properties of the fixated word, but also those of its left and right neighbors (Kliegl, Nuthmann, & Engbert, 2006; Kliegl, 2007).

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